Thank you for coming to visit my site for information on my CB  & Olaf Therapy Boards!! You are most likely looking for that special something to give to someone as they wage their fight against Cancer. I am glad you stopped by and hope that the person you buy this for likes their CB & Olaf and finds it useful. 

There are many different avenues and choices of medicine that one can take in combatting an illness.  Complementary medicine, conventional Western medicine, Eastern medicine, various alternative medicines, and prayer, are a matter of personal choice, but they are often used in conjunction with each other aiming at a multi-faceted approach.  Whichever medicinal path(s) you choose, my CB will be useful in your goal towards better health and is meant to be used in conjunction with positive imagery/guided visualization techniques of your choice, and your physician's treatments.  (However, before going any further, please be advised that I am not a doctor or trained medical professional, and additionally am not making any claim that this item is a cure for cancer. I am not prescribing, nor guaranteeing any result with the use of this tool.) 

Since information is important in the war against cancer, I would like to offer some of what I have learned.  Although I am not an expert in the field of positive imagery /visualization techniques, I have come across statements of interest in my research, (i.e., when these techniques are utilized in the search for affecting changes in our bodies, whether it be for disease or for other reasons, some people see results) which I feel is an untapped resource. Primarily what I have read is that the use of Positive or Guided Imagery, when in combination with the treatment by your physician, can be an added method of striving towards a goal of good health.   So use of my Cancer Boards while using these techniques is a great way to provide benefit to cancer patients looking to consider all avenues of recovery.

There are many informative sites online regarding this subject, so please read them all - information is your ally.

(Patent #US 61/011,764.)